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Journal "FMEA-konkret"

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The world's only FMEA journal.

Information at the highest level.

Many FMEA moderators and developers are sent to basic training directly to the front and, left with many questions that only appear during the detailed discussions alone. The consequences are often heterogeneous and incompatible methods landscapes - even within a company.

Our aim is to provide you with a magazine available, contains the current developments in the methodology and know-how of experienced moderators, for top professionals as well as beginners. Furthermore, we want to actively networking FMEA facilitators encourage the methodology (s) to advance and unify.

I invite you to get informed and, happy to leave us your feedback also send articles to info(at)
We expect that this magazine is growing successfully and all offers effective added value for your daily work.

Since the beginning of 2014 ISSN numbers have been assigned by the German National Library us. We are thus an official and referenceable magazine:

ISSN (Print) 2198-6827
ISSN (Online) 2198-6851

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